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Integrated Technology Solutions for Every Business

All-inclusive solutions provider

TNC Communications provides a turnkey experience under one roof with our industry leading products for properties and markets of all shapes and sizes. TNC provides the highest level in entertainment television, internet and VoIP, Security, and Mobility solutions for residential, commercial, free-to-guest, and MDU markets
For Business

Realize unlimited potential to grow and expand your business through network, mobility, hosting, and security services offered by TNC.

Data Services

From reliable connectivity to secure communications, we have the solutions to power your business.

Wireless Services

Get the flexibility and coverage your business needs to stay connected.

Voice Services

Reduce the need for multiple phone lines, additional surcharges and fees and excess costs for maintaining those lines by switching to TNCPhone.

Cyber Security

About US

Established in 2009 to disrupt the telecom and technology industries.
TNC is a Premier Solutions Integrator and trusted advisor

Since our inception in 2009, TNC has been at the forefront of the booming technology and telecom trends in the US. TNC Communications offers large-scale residential amenities solutions in both the Hospitality and Multi-Family markets with Industry-Leading products and services like TNC's resilient fiber-optic Internet service, Hosted VoIP Service, AT&T Enterprise Internet and Mobility products, security services, and round the clock customer care. With our certifications, experience, dedication, and commitment to the industry and technological advancements, TNC Communications is in the forefront of future growth and future-proofing our end-users.

  • Experience and Certifications

    With our Industry backed and recognized certifications and experience, we are in the premium position to be that trusted technology advisor to our clients.

  • Nationwide Availability

    TNC has nationwide coverage with SLA-guaranteeed service and technical support, which allow us to accomodate our customers in any enviroment.

  • Customer Care

    TNC operates and maintains a 24/7/365 US-based Network and Security Operations Center. We are available at a moments notice to help our clients because our conintued success depends on your satisfaction and our soltutions reliability. Our unique pro-active monitoring ensures optimal uptime and advanced diagnostics before you notice any potential issues!


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